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Enjoy Instant Heating And A Cozy Warm Space With An Ecoheat Portable Heater That Also Saves Up To 30% On Your Electricity Or Heating Bills Compared With Other Traditional Heaters.

Now Grab The Most Affordable Cordless Portable Heater And Create A Warm Atmosphere Quickly.

Regular Price: $89/device
Only for: $39/device

What is an Ecoheat Mini Heater?

Ecoheat living room

The Ecoheat is a mini portable heater that heats up your room quickly and efficiently. This portable mini heater is a cost-effective cordless device for your home that most people are looking for.

It enhances the comfort levels in this chilly weather and provides you with a cozy space so you can have fun and spend precious moments with you or your partners. This energy-efficient choice turns down your heating expenses up to 30%.

The mini heater features a sleek and compact design, still delivering excellent performance. The device comes with an adjustable settings option to let the user adjust the fan or heat settings based on their preferences or on the weather conditions.

Therefore, it has a user-friendly interface to enhance user comfort levels and convenience. One can easily customize heating preferences and temperature adjustments. The device also features a lightweight design and you know this is a mini portable heater. 

You can pack the heater in your bag pack and travel with it while touring or planning the trip due to this cool feature in this device. If you require a cost-effective heating device that you can also customize manually, the Ecoheat portable mini heater is the gadget you should never miss because it comes with ultra-premium features but at low or affordable prices.

EcoHeat Reviews

I bought 4, for our office and home to add extra warming during the cold winter days. They did it perfectly and fast.

mandy d

- Mandy D.


This is an extremely powerful heater, heats the room in like 10 minutes. The wife is never cold anymore, not with the EcoHeat. It is small enough but emits heat like an oven, we love it and highly recommend it

joe s

- Joe S.



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Ceramic Heating Technology – The EcoHeat Mechanism

The mechanism of quick heating in Ecoheat is based on ceramic heating technology – the world’s recognized, instant, and extensively safe heating technology. This technology employs electric wires which are embedded in ceramic plates. As the power begins to travel through these cables, the ceramic plates heat up and release the infrared light.

As the infrared light is released the air molecules surrounding the ceramic plates heat up by the radiation of infrared lights. It makes the environment warm and comfortable. The ceramic plates have immense electrical resistance due to which they heat up swiftly when the current flows through them. Therefore, the air molecules around the ceramic plates heat up faster and heat is produced.

Then the warm airflow starts flowing from the Ecoheat portable mini heater in the area making the environment comfortable and warm. With all this latest and quick heating technology the heater is also equipped with advanced features like customized settings, temperature control, and more.

Features of EcoHeat

  • Customizable Settings

    You don’t just get tons of genuine and safety features installed but you also get customizable settings option in this most authentic portable mini heater. You can choose the settings as per your preferences and being a portable heater, it offers most features that generally other traditional heaters don’t.

    This flexibility helps the user tailor the most output to maximize their comfort level using this portable heater. Do the adjustments as you want them to be or as per the weather conditions.
  • Ceramic Heating Technology

    The latest and unrivalled heating technology in heaters is the Ceramic Heating Technology which works swiftly to heat up the room space, but at a reduction of cost up to 30%. Furthermore, the Ecoheat utilizes advanced ceramic heating plates and cables embedded in it for efficient and cost-effective heating.

    Among all the traditional heaters, the CHT is the best and available in all the premium or branded heaters. The point is that they always shake the budget, but you will not face any trouble with Ecoheat as it is the most affordable portable mini heater.
  • Overheating Safety Feature

    Safety was our top priority because people also have kids in their homes. The mini heater does not harm your kids or anyone in the house because the body is structured this way to work with safety. Furthermore, there are overheating components added for enhanced safety of the gadget and your home.

    The overheating works when you forget to turn off or turn off the heater. The component may overheat due to the constant heating of ceramic plates without taking any breaks. So, if the components find any problem with the heating the overheating technology shuts down the heater itself.
  • Built-in Timer

    The mini heater has a built-in timer. Suppose, you are going to sleep at night but you don’t want to come out of your blanket to turn off the heater, you can simply set the timer and it will automatically turn off. It’s the most incredible or badass feature in an Ecoheat portable heater.
  • Silent Operation

    Sleep peacefully at night with an Ecoheat mini heater in your room because it operates silently and causes zero noise because of advanced technology and high-grade material is used in its manufacturing. It ensures complete protection and maximum heating.


Ecoheat Price
30 days money back guarantee

30 Day 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Ecoheat will be available for you to test out for 30-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It device may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Why EcoHeat Mini Heater is the Best?

  • Mini and Portable Heater: The design of the heater is sleek and compact. You even know the size is mini. You can take the heater to your camping station, tours, or journeys due to its lightweight design.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: The heater is equipped with integrated air filters that help eliminate unwanted dust and bacteria from the air, thereby improving the air quality.
  • 10x Faster Heating: It ensures a comfortable warm environment by quick and effective heating. It heats up your room 10x faster than any other conventional heater.
  • Reduces Heating Expense Up To 30%: The ceramic plates that are wired with high-quality cables heat up your room 10x faster, thereby reducing the heating expenses by up to 30%.
  • Ultimate Safe Heating: The heater is equipped and engineered with all the advanced safety features that are required while using the heater in your home like overheating protection, auto turn off, and more. So, if you leave the heater unattended and forget to look after it, the heater will get turned off automatically.
Safety Tips

✅ Always try to place the heater on the floor instead of placing it over the table or anywhere
✅ Keep it away from any wooden or other items that can catch fire.
✅ Keep it protected from collisions, shocks, and water.
✅ Plug the heater into a three-plug power outlet

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Regular Price: $89
Only for: $39/device

Frequently Asked Questions

No, EcoHeat is energy efficient. It draws little power compared to other heating alternatives and just costs pennies a day to run.

Only leave EcoHeat plugged while there is people in the house. Remember to not cover the device.

EcoHeat is designed for in-wall outlet use only. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock connect directly to a ground three-prong wall outlet. Do NOT use with an extension cord. Please read all the important safety instructions before use.

No, we do not recommend plugging your heaters into anything other than your wall outlet.

It is available through For a limited time, we offer three discounted packages: Basic Device - $49.

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